Day Of Geography: Notes from COGS

Congratulations on the inaugural Day of Geography!

view of COGS from a phantom quadcopter in July 2013

view of COGS from a phantom quadcopter in July 2013

There are five programs taught at the Centre of Geographic Sciences within NSCC in Lawrencetown, NS serving direct-entry and post-graduate students. These are:

  • Survey Technician measuring the physical world around us to determine the shape and position of objects or features
  • Geomatics Engineering Technology delivering practical measurement skills and techniques, as well as the theory behind them
  • Geographic Sciences using geomatics tools and technology for Community & Environmental Planning, Remote Sensing, Cartography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Advanced Marine Geomatics using geomatics to effectively explore, manage, and monitor the marine and coastal environments
  • Advanced Geographic Sciences complementing a science degree with geomatics technologies

Graduates have made positive contributions around the world (here’s a voluntary map) and find meaningful careers across the industry spectrum.

The school (in various names; the present had considerable input from Roger Tomlinson) is dedicated to geographic programs and features the Walter K. Morrison Map Collection. We have been teaching programs pertaining to geography since the end of WWII.

For a colourful look at the last 25 years of COGS, check out this article.

High-tech Gadgets and Bike Rides

This morning I tested a brand new $4, cialis 000 piece of GPS equipment to see how accurate it was. I configured it at my desk with the latest software and then I jumped on my bike and took it to a nearby provincial Survey monument buried in a concrete slab at a nearby park down the road. I had found the exact coordinates for the survey monument online so I knew that if the device was working properly it should record the exact same coordinates if I put the GPS on top of the monument. Sure enough, recipe the device averaged within about 50cm of the location of the monument. Satisfied I rode my bike back to the office, vialis 40mg put together a map that I loaded onto the device, added a form for collecting data and attributes and gave device to my colleague, an environmental engineer to go use out on the project site. Though this is definitely not what my morning looks like every day, I thought that it was pretty cool to be able to play with high-tech gadgets and ride my bike as part of my job.

Ryan Sutcliffe, GIS Technician

Stantec (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)