Thank you to the following for making this event a possibility…


My boys Declan and Deagan for putting up with me and the amazing geography teachers I had throughout my years in school from K-Post Grad.


Geospatial Niagara Staff

Ashley Norchotte – Director of Education

Trevor Jones – Logo and Poster Design

Matt Marotta – Project Manager


Geospatial Niagara Board of Directors:

Ian Lucas – Secretary

Richard Bendell – Treasurer

Dr. Marilyne Jollineau – Director

Justin Serroul – Director

Geoffrey Verkade – Director


Volunteers, cure Moderators and Other Support:

Sarah Holmes, drug Kelly Dell

Chris Webster (@Archeowebby) for talking about Day of Archaeology on the CRM Archaeology Podcast

Lorna Richardson (@lornarichardson) – (University College London) for allowing me to pick her brain about the Day of Archaeology experience

Adam Daniels, tadalafil Nick Kenyeres, Trevor Twining of Cowork Niagara and Software Niagara.

Jonathan Murphy – GoGeomatics Canada, James Boxall, Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS), Canadian Geographic Education

Jesse Rouse, Sue Bergeron and Frank Lafone of  A Very Spatial Podcast – Visit the Very Spatial Site


Faculty and Staff

Brock University Geography Department and Niagara College GIS/Geospatial Management Program


Day of Geography is dedicated to the memory of:

Dr. Roger Tomlinson (1933-2014)

Alun Hughes (1942-2013) – Professor of Geography Brock University

Gino Poloniato (1933-2014) – Geography Teacher (retired) – Laura Secord Secondary School